The complete chloroplast genomes of two cold hardness coffee trees, Coffea arabica L. (Rubiaceae)

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Resources 5 (2): 1619-1621

Jongsun Park*, Yongsung Kim, Hong Xi, Kyoung-In Heo, Juhyeon Min, Jongwook Woo, Dukgou Lee, Youmi Seo & Yong Han Kim
Genbank accessions MN894550  ( CH1 )  |  MN894551  ( CH2 )  | 
We presented two complete chloroplast genomes of cold resistance coffee trees (Coffea arabica L.), named as CH1 and CH2 cultivated in Jeju island, Korea. Their length is 155,187 bp long (GC ratio is 37.4\%) and has four subregions: 85,160 bp of large single copy (LSC; 35.4\%) and 18,135 bp of small single copy (SSC; 31.3\%) regions are separated by 25,946 bp of inverted repeat (IR; 43.0\%) regions including 131 genes (86 protein-coding genes, eight rRNAs, and 37 tRNAs). Like sequenced coffee chloroplast genomes, number of sequence variations of CH1 and CH2 against TY1 chloroplast genomes are zero and two, respectively.