• Resource Assessment System (ReAS)

    ReAS (Resource Assessment System) is a system that identifies and evaluates
    values of plant resources in the academic, economic, and practical aspects to un-
    earth their value for a better life. It consists of four major solutions: UIBR®
    (Useful Information of Biological Resources), ISDB™, RefDB™, and MetaEve-AI™.
    All these solutions will guide us how various plant resources can be utilized
    commercially with scientific evidences.

  • Genome Information Management
    & Analysis System (GIMAS)

    GIMAS (Genome Information Management and Analysis System) is an optimized
    system that generates, standardizes, and analyzes various omics data including
    whole genome sequences with the high-throuhtput manner.
    It consists of four major systems: Genome Information System (GeIS™),
    GenomeArchive®, SSRDB™, and Gene Family Database™.

  • Phytocompounds Development System (PyDS)
    & Experimental Validation System (ExVS)

    PyDS (Phytocompounds Development System) is a system that genome-widely
    predicts phytocompounds of specific plant species which can be commercialized
    with MetaPre-AI®.
    Biological functions of the predicted phytocompounds from MetaPre-AI® will be
    validated using the experimental pipeline, Experimental Validation System (ExVS).

  • Biodiversity Solutions

    Biodiversity is a major source to understand biological resources in nature.
    To understand them, we developed standardized database and
    analysis pipelines to collect biodiversity observations, investigations
    of flora/fauna, pipeline for combining and analyzing heterogeneous
    observation data, and web-interface to present all analysis results

  • InfoStation/InfoNode

    Efficient collecting environmental information surrounded by natural
    biological resources is important to understand microenvironment.
    We developed weather sensors to collect more than 15 different types of
    factors with station-node communication system to limited internet en-
    vironment which is required for gathering information on the fly.


We have responsibility for increasing social values via correct motivation.
Infoboss will become the best sustainable company in the world by achieving
the harmonious and healthy life based on the philosophy,

harmonious with nature.


What do we do?

INFOBOSS SOLUTIONS : Meta-Series Commercialization of plant resources through
analyzing Bio BigData including plant genomes with
novel AI algorithms.
  • Plant

    Plants are one of the most essential elements for
    conservation of biodiversity and natural environment.
    Industrial utilization of plant resources is a mission
    for us to accomplish for both sustainable growth
    and the next generation.

  • Data

    Infoboss relational database system provides an
    industrially applicable Bio BigData model for cohesive
    integration of multidisciplinary data. It covers fields
    including taxonomy, modern and traditional medicine,
    pharmacology, biochemistry, bioinformatics,
    computer science, and statistics.

  • Genome

    With comprehensive information over the
    organisms it is contained in, genome can be highly
    useful when coupled with proper analyses.
    Standardized genome analysis pipeline (GeIS™) of
    Infoboss is capable of mass-processing genomic
    data rapidly and accurately.

  • AI

    Infoboss has technologies optimized for industrial
    utilization of plant resources. Through good thinking
    and perseverance, we will facilitate industrial use of
    plant resources and, via exploiting artificial intelligence,
    become true pioneers in biotechnology.

ESG & Discovering the economic value of plant resources

Infoboss of Natural capitalism Management
Infoboss will be the first to open up the path to the new world.

Endless Efforts for Environment

Contribution to resolve wealth
inequality and preserve the environment
by discovering the economic value
of plant resources